Health and Nutrition in Africa that helps them to improve their immune system

The African Foods:

The typical African foods is made of starchy items, contains meat, fish, as well as a variety of herbs, veggies, and spices. Most of these foods are served as stews and soups alongside garri, kenkey, banku, and the rest of them.

Africans also eat a lot of whole-grain foods like soy beans, beans, etc. The majority of herbs and spices are garlic, gingers, peppers, onions, rosemary, potato, thyme, oregano, eucalyptus, and other anti-viral herbs.

These are the traditional African foods, and it has been their diet since ages past.

Fortunately, these African foods, herbs, and spices contain some of the best anti-viral agents ever known to man. The oils they use are also essential oils like olive oil, red oil, etc.

To crown it all, most Africans don’t usually eat processed foods. Most don’t have the money to get processed foods; hence they stick to their natural diets.

This feeding habit provides the best health and nutrition that enhances the bodies’ ability to fight off any invading virus.

Africans also take fruits like avocados, apples, organs, seeds, and multitudes of other natural fruits found in the region.

No specific food can help protect you from a virus, but specific nutrition like Africans foods can boost immunity. With such boosts, the body will be formidable for most viruses, and when there is a viral attack, the body won’t be as devastating.

In the fight against COVID-19, immunity is the only ‘slogan’ that can keep one safe and protected. Most older adults lack such immunity; that’s why the disease is killing more elders than young.


Why is Africa the healthiest now in this pandemic?

 Africa is a continent made up of East, West, Central, Southern, and North Africa. 80% of the population are blacks, and most are impoverished.

COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease caused by the newly discovered corona virus. This disease has caused the greatest modern-pandemic in living memory.

It has affected economic, religious, and social activities; all sectors of life have been halted over the past months. The best way to prevent getting infected is by protecting yourself through the washing of hands, not touching your face, and avoiding infected individuals.

As at now, there is no vaccine and no known treatments, but some palliative treatments can help relieve the systems. Now back to coming to our bone of contention: Africa has recorded the least cases so far and has recorded very few deaths which can’t be compared to any other continent in the world.

Africa has the poorest people on planet earth. Most of the countries have dilapidated healthcare system, and the governments are mostly corrupt.

From the start of the outbreak, WHO and other professional experts projected Africa as the continent that will be the worst hit by this novel coronavirus. So far, this has remained only, but a farce as most African countries have either minimal cases or no cases of deaths at all. Some scientists even considered Africans to be immune to this virus, but this is not the case.

In the United States and other places, African Americans are also dying in good numbers, and some African countries have recorded deaths. The health of the African continent has puzzled the world and other health professionals. Even with all the vulnerability and lack of proper healthcare, most people remain untainted by this ravaging virus.

This is what takes us to the question of, ”why Africans are healthier than the rest of the world now?

Divulging into this matter, we have to consider the basic things that build immunity, which is food, activities, and lifestyle. The COVID-19 is a virus that primarily destroys the lungs leading to a shortage of oxygen supply. This complication causes multiple organ failures, especially on the major organs like the heart, the brain, and the liver.

The virus will get hold of the lungs if the immune system fails to fight off the infection when it first enters the body.

Africans use their food as medicine. They have a good variety of natural herbs, spices, and diets, which inadvertently build the immune system against such outbreaks like this.

African foods doesn’t only protect the body against COVID-19; it also fights other germs, viruses, and builds a formidable immune system.

This partially explains the reason why people in Africa are the healthiest in the world in this COVID-19 saga. The traditional African food is something that should be emulated because it has shown the immeasurable advantages of living a healthy lifestyle.

Africans have knowingly and unknowingly used their African food as their medicine. Some medicinal herbs are also used occasionally, but most of the diets contain medicinal values (boost immunity and cure diseases).

In a nutshell, Africa is now the healthiest continent on earth because of lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and a neutral feeding pattern. It has also become more apparent that diets, physical activity, and neutral feeding are the one-end-solution to COVID-19 prevention, survival, and recovery.

Some African Food Menu:

Some of the Africa cuisines include but not limited to:

  • Piri Piri Chicken
  • Jollof Rice and Egusi Soup
  • Pap en vleis made from succulent steaks
  • Bunny Chow
  • Moi Moi
  • Waakye
  • Yassa
  • SuperKanja
  • Black Tea
  • Ogbono Soup

These cuisines are prepared with a variety of herbs (vegetable), spices, fish, snail, nuts, and other fruit-like elements. They are served with starch-containing foods like Garri or pounded yam.


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