Is vaccination the end of pandemic?


Brief history of Covid-19

 SARS-CoV-2 the new corona virus that causes COVID-19 was first discovered in 2019 at Wuhan, China. Since then, it has spread to 221 countries. Till now 238253585 people were reported affected and 4860965 have died as per Worldmeter. We’ve seen that the developed countries with all sorts of medical equipment and well preparedness were also helpless when they were affected by the virus. 

Whenever any disease is found or identified all scientists try to find out a way to protect people from the virus or any other diseases. Though it takes time to identify the root causes and also take necessary steps to apply them on human bodies to fight against them. It’s not so easy to discover the medicine or vaccine, it is also necessary to apply them to animal bodies to test them well. After successfully applying them on animal bodies, it needs to take permission to be approved by the WHO to implement the vaccination activities. 

 When COVID-19 was discovered all the scientists and pharmaceutical companies started working day and night to bring a vaccine that would put an end to this pandemic. As per WHO health procedures a number of  companies have successfully been able to create vaccines for COVID-19 and got approved by WHO to apply them  to human bodies.

 Why is vaccination important?

 Mass vaccination is the key to end the pandemic once and for all. Like any other diseases, we should take vaccines to protect ourselves from the virus. If we look at our surroundings, we’ll find a number of people who have died due to Covid-19. We also know what the symptoms are and how to protect them however, it is not sufficient for us. Therefore, if we want to protect ourselves from viruses like these we should take the vaccine. We are fortunate that a number of vaccines got approval from WHO for emergency usage. However, there is a misconception that if we take the vaccine we won’t be affected by Covid-19.   Whereas, none of the vaccine manufacturers are assuring us that we’ll not get affected again by Covid-19. It helps us to fight against Covid-19. If we take the vaccine the severity of the disease would be much less. We can’t stay in our homes. Because we need to go outside for our livelihood so if we take the vaccine and wear a mask and also follow the safety issues, it will protect us.

 So we can say that it’s really very important for us to get vaccinated.  

 International Travels:

For business purposes or any other reasons if we travel to another country, we must take vaccination certificate to ensure we’re safe and we’re not spreading the virus. A lot of countries have already flagged red signals to the few countries which were most affected. And if any person is traveling from that particular country he/she must carry the certificate of Covid-19 test along with vaccination. Therefore, for the sake of yourself and for the people you must take the vaccine.

 Take vaccines, stay safe, keep your beloved person safe from COVID-19. 

 WHO approved vaccines:

 As of 14 October 2021, 7 companies got the permission from WHO and it has been applied to most of the countries, and these are;

 Moderna – mRNA1273 which has 30 trials in 2 countries and till now it has got approval from 76 countries.

Pfizer/BioNTech- BNT162b2 which has 37 trials in 2 countries and till now it has got approval from 101 countries.

 Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)-Ad26.COV2.S which has 13 trials in 2 countries and till now it has got approval from 71 countries.

Oxford/AstraZeneca-AZD1222 which has 44 trials in 2 countries and till now it has got approval from 123 countries.

 Serum Institute of India Covishield ( Oxford/ AstraZeneca Formulation) which has 02 trials in 1 country and till now it has got approval from 46 countries.

 Sinopharm (Beijing) BBIBP-CorV (Vero Cells) which has 14 trials in 2 countries and till now it has got approval from 65 countries.

 SinoVac- CoronaVac which has 22 trials in 1 country and till now it has got approval from 40 countries.


All of the WHO approved vaccines are safe and effective for the human body. Furthermore, if you’re living in a country where the government has initiated a vaccination campaign, take the vaccine as soon as possible. So at the end of the topic we can conclude our discussion, no matter where you are from and what you’re doing right now. Your government has taken the initiative to give you the Covid-19 vaccines though it’s not available for all the people around the world due to short production and for the high demands. So if you see that your government has taken the vaccination campaign, register yourself and take the vaccine as soon as possible. Together we can end the pandemic and be prepared for our better lively future.

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