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Our Previous Client & Their Testimonial

John M. (OH)

Director at Globalspace

Jim L. (NY)

University Professor

Chris E. (CA)

Artistic gymnastics

Dr. Edward C. (MX)

Neurologist Specialist

The paleo diet audio is my personal instructor and motivator! I love it.

02. Constipation was my problem for over 10 years. I was severely in pain sometimes because things couldn’t come out. Then I met chef St Omer, the true friend. I guess that was the best day of my life. He advised me Bitter Crystal, which I tried. It was very bitter in the beginning, but in a week’s time, I started to see an amazing result.



03. My sister-in-law called me about her RESTORE 100 regimen and all of the positive things that have happened to her. She has suffered from back and arthritis pain for years, she is also taking meds for depression and blood pressure. Since she has taken one pill of minerals a day she’s gradually lost her back pain and her arthritis.


04. My patient was suffering from due to a hormonal imbalance from taking birth control pills. It was corrected and unwanted facial hair stopped appearing after treatment with RESTORE 100 tablets.


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