Pfizer Paxlovid for Covid-19 Treatment shows 89% efficacy

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Till now there are 250 million cases and more than  5 million people have died around the world as per Worldometer. This pandemic had a devastating impact on public health, the food system, and the world economy. Till now, 7 companies have permission for COVID-19 vaccination activities from WHO. All the governments are trying to collect the desired vaccines from the companies. Due to the shortage of production where demands are high, not everyone is getting vaccinated yet. 


As we know,  there’s no such clinical treatment still available to reduce the COVID-19, however, some of the companies are working on this. Among them, one of the leading company, Pfizer, has recently announced that they have already invented an oral capsule for COVID-19 treatment which is more effective to reduce the enzyme working for increasing the Covid-19 virus. Pfizer Paxlovid has already trialed over 1259 people who’re COVID-19 positive and among them, 89% of patients were recovered by taking 3 doses twice a day for a 5-day course. Among them, 20% of patients have reported that they have faced some minor side effects after taking the pills as a treatment. The authority of Pfizer BioNTech has declared that this is a considerable achievement for fighting against Covid-19 and they are working on it to get a clearance certificate from WHO to market it. However, the USA government gave pre-booking 2.5 million doses of pills in advance.


It seems we are approaching the right path to reduce the deadly coronavirus and we will be getting the necessary medicines soon. We expect more companies will be able to do the same for the sake of mass people. Let’s hope for the best, but we all need to maintain the safety issues to reduce the outbreak of the covid-19 virus.


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