Ferox Bitter Crystal

Ferox Bitter Crystal


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BITTER CRYSTAL is a colon cleanser product. It removes the food bits that cannot be digested and cleans the colon from toxins. It helps to improve the immune system and prevent intestinal and colon cancer.

Please read Product info for the nutritional information. If you have any questions left, I will be happy to consult you via phone. You may find my toll-free phone number at the end of the Home page.

Aloe Ferox, Natural Health products from South Africa. The “Lily of the Desert” has over 130 medicinal compounds that are beneficial to your health and well being. The purpose of this blog is provide you with information to allow you to make healthy choices for you and your family.

Dose: take 1/4 – 1/2 tablet of Fabulous Ferox Bitter Crystal everyday to assist in the health of your liver.

How safe is Ferox Bitter Crystal when used for constipation?

Constipation is not a disease, but the inefficient functioning of a biological process. Research on constipation have shown that Aloe ferox bitters is an effective laxative for acute constipation and that the bitters does not present any safety risks for short- or long-term use in this regard.

However, research for one bowel condition should never simply be extended for self-treatment of other bowel conditions. For example, chronic constipation may be a sign of an underlying disorder, which should be identified and treated as such. It may also be a sign of a low-fibre diet or even a high-fibre diet but with insufficient water intake ̶ both these can be corrected by lifestyle changes and does not require any dietary supplements for a long-term solution.

Individuals with bowel diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or diverticulitis are not advised to use bitter supplements or laxatives since these increase symptoms of the disease. Long-term use of Aloe ferox extracts to selftreat diseases is counter indicated, since safety of any product for a specific condition should be tested for that condition and cannot simply be assumed from safety reports for other conditions.

Liver health & Aloe Ferox( Ferox Bitter Crystal)

The LIVER is one of our vital organs without which we cannot survive. Since the liver supports almost every organ in the body, its malfunctioning is severely debilitating.

In various scientific studies on damaged livers, researchers found a significant improvement in liver health after treatment with Aloe ferox bitters. Also, those treated with bitters had much lower damage to their livers than control groups after other treatments that are known to affect the liver. To know more about why we need Ferox Bitter Crystals click here.

This is great news to those who suffer from liver problems as well as those who have to take medicines that might have adverse effects on the liver.

Interesting facts about stained colons

Research reports of the 80’s and 90’s questioned the use of anthraquinones (found in aloe bitters) as a potential risk of colon cancer because these substances stain the colon.

What does the latest research say?

From studies done between 2000 and 2013 it was shown that colon staining could be ascribed to many different reasons and that it cannot be linked to cancer or the risk thereof. Some interesting facts from these studies:

  • Colon staining is due to a natural intestinal pigment (lipofuscin) that deposits in the colon lining and is not due to the brown pigment found in bitters.
  • Lipofuscin only deposits on normal colon linings and not on growths. Therefore, during a colonoscopy polyps, glands and other growths appear “bright” against a stained colon. This actually helps to see lumps!
  • The use of bitters does indeed cause staining of the colon. Staining occurs within 4 months of continuous use and disappears within 12-15

months after discontinuation.

  • Study participants, who used bitters for a long period, were compared to one another to determine if long-term use can be linked to cancerous growths. Interestingly, healthy patients used bitters on average for about 2 years longer than sick patients – with no indication of cancerous growths!
  • Inflammatory bowel disease causes colon staining – even if anthraquinones were never used before.
  • Many patients with colon growths (benign or malignant) have never used any laxatives – neither bitters nor others. Also, many of these patients show no signs of stained colons.
  • Undesirable colorectal growths are strongly linked to gender, age and smoking. These are more predominant in males and the incidence also increases with aging and with smoking habits.


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