Restore 100 Trace-Element

Restore 100 Trace-Element


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RESTORE 100 is a Trace Element that helps your body receive all the needed elements that are lacked in modern products: crops, vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy etc. It eliminates the elements and mineral deficiency most of us have.

Please read Product info for the nutritional information. If you have any questions left, I will be happy to consult you via phone. You may find my toll-free phone number at the end of the Home page.

Restore 100 is a unique supplement that contains 78 known elements, mostly in trace amounts. These are contained in an edible clay that is essential in maintaining optimum health. Restore 100 is a mineral complex that: – Rejuvenates skin, hair, nails, bone, teeth, tendors & ligaments; – Detoxifies the body, helps digestion; – Boosts Immune system; – Normalizes metabolism; – Balances body pH level; – Counteracts and lessens fatigue, manages stress, and eases muscle cramps; – Repairs cells and promotes blood production; 100% NATURAL Suggested daily use as a dietary supplement. Recommended use: Start the rejuvenating stage with taking 2 capsules twice a day with meals for 10 days. After that, reduce the intake to 2 capsules daily with meals. 100 CAPSULES (650 Mg)


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