The Power of Your Mind


The Power of Your Mind


The Power of Minds

The Power of Minds

About Author:

"The Power of Minds" is one of the best writings of Chef Marc St Omer, a New York-based professional chef developer. He studied at the Art Institute of New York, obtaining his  Culinary Degree. His passion and interest in this profession have made me succeed in becoming a successful chef.

He is a  patient of TBI injury-Hypertension-Borderline Diabetes, an illness he is winning and would never give a chance to stop him from performing his role and
responsibility as a professional chef. To show the world his passion, interest, and contribution to providing lives with varieties of healthy food recipes for healthy lives, he wrote and published his first book titled "The Paleo Diet Navigating"  and he didn't stop there but continued with his creativity in writing and publishing his second book titled "The Power of Minds", a book about "Mind" and "Power", a book no one would like to miss out on. Chef Marc St Omer can be reached out for his varieties of delicacy healthy food recipes through his official website address, www.foodeva.org.


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