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Sana Faiz is a professional writer on health and wellness, having published over 150+ articles that have been featured in numerous national magazines. Her writing and editing experience includes scientific articles, grants, web material, white papers, executive summaries, abstracts, posters, and more. She has also contributed to a number of books. Her educational background includes degrees from prestigious universities. She has a Ph.D. and MS in Food Science and Nutrition from The University of Punjab. Her academic research focuses on nutritional strategies to improve health, prevent chronic disease from developing, and health promotion.  She is noted for her skill in integrating nutrition and wellness practices to help readers who are motivated to reach their health and wellness goals. She has also participated in many Nutrition related projects related to food fortification and micronutrient supplementation.  As a professional health writer, she is currently involved in a variety of practical writing, lecturing, and research endeavors focusing on women's health, nutrition, and fitness. Her main goal is to educate the public about nutrition, wellness, and healthcare. She is very interested in leveraging her writing abilities to effectively convey complex dietary, medical, and health facts to a broad audience.

About Book:

Women of all ages face a lot of sex-related health concerns whether it contains fertility issues, conception, arousal, low libido, loss of interest in sex life, feeling bored from intercourse, hormonal disparities, and many more. All these topics are extensively covered and pictured magnificently in this book. This reader will find it a great help if she is suffering from any such health illnesses. If you are looking for routine tips that will enhance a good lifestyle, do not waste time and read out the content. There are all tricks shared relevant to workouts, yoga, meditation, nutrition, foods that improvise sexual wellness, and also the things that need to be avoided. The sexual intimacy guidelines and their plus points for women's health are also illustrated in detail. The author has provided all engaging points and methods of dealing the painful intercourse. How to improve sex life before and after menopause? Look into the book for this brainstorming fact. The solutions to female dryness are also explained that help women in coping with such matters. If you are not aware of precautionary measures that must be taken in case your partner is STI diagnosed, do not think a lot! Reading the ending chapters will help in finding options to deal with such situations.


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