Progress Report of (Inspirational story of Chefstomer how he fought with Type 2 diabetes)

Hello. I am Chef Marc St. Omer. In my previous article, I talked about how I struggled with being on edge of Diabetes for over 10 years. And when I finally became the victim of this disease in February 2020, I made a promise to myself that I will remove this disease from my body. I will not let it eat up my body from the inside.

I started this journey by going to the doctors. They gave me medicines, But I didn’t want to rely on my medicines, I wanted my body to get strong enough to fight and cure this disease. And the best way of doing that was through making some major lifestyle changes. So I started looking into natural remedies and natural cure for diabetes.

I am a professional chef and therefore, I know which food is good for the body and which isn’t. But my major goal was to get my body strong by taking up such foods that won’t increase my blood sugar level a lot.

So I started experimenting with various kinds of food which I knew were beneficial. I wanted to experiment this on me before giving out the details because I don’t want to provide any details that might harm anyone in any way. So I started experimenting on my body and noticing the effects they had. It was a bit difficult in the start because there were negative effects of some food and I had to endure them in order to make out a good solution.

I’m going to share my routine that I’ve been following now. It’s giving me really good results, but I do want to mention that I’m still experimenting and if any new information comes up, I would update all of you with the details. I’m trying to create new foods and snacks that would be very beneficial. And as soon as I complete it, I will update on it too.

I mentioned in my previous article that my A1C blood test result was 6.6% when I first took it. This meant I had diabetes. I took this test again after three months and the result is vey promising. This time it is 5.8%, which means that my blood sugar level has reduced and my diabetes is getting stable. My goal was to get this result, and I was able to achieve it. This has given me so much courage and hope, and I want to share this feeling with everyone.

I want everyone to feel this happy. So I’m going to share the details of my routine that has made me reach this point, and I hope everyone who follows it will reach this point too.

So the first thing about maintaining blood sugar is through diet. I have made a general meal plan that I follow in a daily basis. On my daily diet, I take one lean meat; it can be fish, goat or chicken.

I take 2 types of nuts and 3 salads of vegetables daily. Water is also the most important part of this diet. I drink lots and lots of water. This not only keeps me hydrated but also maintain by blood sugar at normal level.

Last but not least is the exercise. A person who is suffering from diabetes should exercise a lot and on a daily basis. Walking is a perfect type of exercise that everyone can do, so I recommend walking. I myself walk more than 3 miles daily. This is my routine which has helped me reach my goal of getting my diabetes under control.

Stay tuned for my upcoming pieces if you want to get your hands on all the information you need to make your life healthier and happier.


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