Types of PCOS

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There are six different types of PCOS that exist and many women don’t know from which type of PCOS they are suffering. Let’s check what are those 6 types of PCOS.

Insulin Resistant PCOS

This is the most common type of PCOS and it occurs due to the high consumption of sugar, and trans fats, smoking is the main cause of it as well as pollution. A high level of insulin in the body triggers the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that leads to an increase in the growth of facial hair and a change in the voice. If your glucose tolerance test is not normal and you have been told by your physician that your blood glucose is on borderline and you are gaining weight and due to it you have a poor ability to manage your blood glucose.

Post Pill Type Of PCOS

This type of PCOS occurs when you start taking birth control pills your periods were normal but when you started taking birth control pills you are diagnosed with PCOS then which is known as the post-pill type of PCOS.
Inflammatory Type of PCOS
As the name indicates, in this type you can see the inflammation in the body, and mostly related to digestive issues such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, it leads to headaches, unexplained fatigue, skin conditions such as eczema, and food allergies as well. High-sensitivity C-reactive protein is a marker that can be used to check the level of inflammation in your body.

Hidden Cause Type Of PCOS

In this type of PCOS, the cause of PCOS is unknown that said, deficiency of vitamin D, thyroid disease because hypothyroidism can adversely affect ovaries and ovulation and worsen insulin resistance, and leads to PCOS. Deficiencies of essential nutrients such as zinc, vitamin D, and folate can be the root causes of PCOS once these causes are treated successfully symptoms improve quickly.

Adrenal Type Of PCOS

This adrenal type of PCOS is due to abnormal stress response, insulin resistance. DHEA-s is a high androgen that indicates adrenal-type PCOS.

Lean Type Of PCOS

Weight has always been a struggle in PCOS and in this type of PCOS your weight starts getting decreased and periods get disturbed obviously. In a lean body, a lean type of PCOS can occur.

Effect of PCOS on Your Body

PCOS can adversely affect your body;

Metabolic Syndrome

PCOS leads to an increase in your weight and 85 percent of women with PCOS have insulin resistance and increases your blood sugar level. It raises your blood pressure drastically increases the LDL cholesterol level in your body which is bad cholesterol for your body.

Sleep Apnea

PCOS affects your sleep as well and sleeps apnea is a condition in which you experience repeated pauses in breathing during the night which disturbs your sleep. It is more common in obese women who have PCOS.


Several unwanted changes in your body for example hormonal changes that increase mood swings and unwanted hair growth on the body can cause anxiety and depression among women.


Another adverse effect of PCOS is infertility because to get pregnant you have to ovulate every month and because of PCOS, you can’t release eggs to ovulate which leads to infertility.

How to Diagnose PCOS

Doctors can diagnose that if you are suffering from PCOS by these three common symptoms;
Irregular periods
Cysts in the ovaries
High androgen levels in the body
Blood tests also indicate the level of the male hormone androgen in the body and blood test also indicates your cholesterol, and insulin level, as well as ultrasound, which can determine the cysts in the ovaries. Doctors can also determine if you have PCOS by your weight gain, excessive hair growth on your face and body, and acne.

According to WHO report, 116 million women of reproductive age are affected by PCOS.  To know in detail about the types of PCOS and how to deal with it through proper diet, you can read the book “Dietary Management of PCOS“. You can also visit our blog regarding proper nutrition and healthy diet for PCOS patients. Click here.


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