Why Bitter Crystals?



Bitter Crystals – A Magical Supplement for Colonic Health


Why Bitter Crystlas?

Do you have constipation and what to do to treat constipation?

How to protect my colon from colonic cancer?

How to treat colonic parasites?

How to detoxify my blood and my liver?

How to naturally treat my arthritis or my rheumatism?


All of those questions have one Magical Natural Potion; the answer is Bitter Crystals (Click Here to order).

What’s bitter Crystals?

It’s the magic potion of a dehydrated bitter fraction of Cape Aloe leaves or the herb known as Aloe Ferox. 

The bitter, yellow sap is collected by arranging the aloe leaves in a ‘tapping’ position, whereby the yellow sap drips out from the leaf into a catch.

Why Bitter Crystals are so beneficial and preferred by Health Physicians? Because it’s a natural remedy for many health problems; it can be used to treat constipation, detoxify the blood and liver from toxins that enter our body on a daily basis, can fight against colonic cancers, arthritis pain, and much more.

Ask one of our physicians, How Bitter Crystals can be beneficial for your health?


How Bitter Crystals Can Treat Constipation?

Bitter crystals can be used as a natural laxative, as it’s high in aloin content with the natural antibiotic and antifungal properties.

The smallest dose of it can maintain normal bowel function.

That’s why we provided it on our website, you can order here easily.

Moreover, It’s derived from Aloe ferox; which significantly increases water intake and increases colonic motility. In double hit; here you are a natural laxative and a motility inducer, what you need more.

That’s why we have provided it for you; you can order easily.


How Bitter Crystals Detoxify my Blood and my Kidney?

Because it’s extracted from Aloe Ferox, which is very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants fin Bitter crystals lowers the oxidative stress on the body, subsequently; reducing the risk of common diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, or even cancer.

And how Bitter Crystals can fight against Colonic Cancer?

In addition to what we have just mentioned, the ability of bitter crystals to detoxify the blood and the colon, it’s considered a colon cleanser product.

How? As it removes the particles that can not be digested by the colon and clear the colon.

Moreover, it binds to the toxins that are digested with our meals and cleanse the colon from them.


What are the other health benefits of Bitter Crystals (Aloe Ferox Extract)?

    • As we have already mentioned Bitter Crystals effects on the colon;

             1. To detoxify the Colon

             2. Can be considered a natural laxative.

              3. Can maintain a healthy bowel movement.

    • It can fight against cancer because of its antioxidant effect as well as anti-inflammatory. 

    It’s considered a natural detox of blood, colon, and liver.

    • It can lower blood glucose levels, and help better glycemic control.
    • It can help weight loss; using Aloe Ferox extracts on obese patients has shown a significant reduction in their weight, BMI, and blood glucose levels.

    These effects are definitely due to the detoxifying and laxative effect of aloe Ferox.

    How much I can Take from Bitter Crystals and how often?

    For the best answer, you can consult one of Our Physicians.

    But to international guidelines; you can take 50 mg once daily with your meal, and you can repeat it daily until your bowel habits are maintained.

    You can take up to 300 mg per day, but it’s preferred to consult your physician before taking the high dose; as we already mentioned that the least amount of Bitter Crystals is enough to maintain your bowel habits.

    What are the unwanted effects that I have to take care of with Aloe Ferox? (Side-effects)

    • Hypoglycemia

    It’s a double-sided weapon; it can be beneficial; as it is healthy and lower your blood glucose levels and help you control it, but it can cause a drop in blood sugars causing you hypoglycemia if you were not cautious. 

    So, please watch your blood sugar reading while you are on Bitter crystals.

    Also, eat fruits and healthy carbs in order to maintain healthy and good blood glucose levels.

    One last thing, take it with meals, to avoid this unwanted effect.

    • Burning and itching of the skin

    This effect is uncommon to happen, but we have to mention it, especially if you are allergic to natural herbs or some fruits.

    So, kindly watch yourself if it happened; and consult a physician.

    Also, you can drink plenty of water to keep balanced blood levels of nutrients and supplements.

    1. Stomach pain or cramps

    This happens if you took high doses of Bitter Crystals, or a dose more than it’s required for your bowel.

    That’s why we have advised earlier to take the minimum dose of bitter crystals; to prevent any unwanted gut upsets, yet it’s effective and beneficial.

     2. High doses for long term

    Kindly don’t do this unless necessary; as it can cause some renal problems, and electrolyte imbalance.

    So, we can get back again to advising that using the lowest dose of bitter crystals is the healthiest and safest way.

    If you faced any unwanted effects of Bitter Crystals; Please Consult a Specialized Physician to tell you what to do.


    And Please avoid taking Bitter Crystals for Children less than 12 years, or if you have cramps, diarrhea, stomach pain, or ulcers.



    Aloe ferox and Bitter Crystals is very beneficial for your health, colon, and body. It can detoxify your colon, blood, and liver, as well as fight against many illnesses.

    You can order it here. And get rid of constipation, toxins, poisons, and high body weight.


    You can read this documented research for evidence-based.



    Another Health Article; from our Nutrition as A Medicine series;

    Written by; Dr. Nour Hassan

    Supervised and sponsored by; Chef Marc St Omer.

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